“...what Thomas Williams knows how to do is win.” -Top Dog

“…what Thomas Williams knows how to do is win.” -Top Dog

Welcome to the home of Thomas “Top Dog” Williams, Jr.!

In his most recent fight, Top Dog lost via knockout in a title-bout against Adonis “Superman” Stevenson on July 29, 2016. Although it officially goes down in the loss column, can we all agree that Williams Jr. looked better than ever before?! After the first round, it seemed like Top Dog was going to do it! He put up superior defense moves as compared to anything that he’s previously done, his punches were exceptionally tight as compared to his former wide and wild throws, and his mental game was far more strategic and thought-out than anything we’ve ever seen!

Yes, he lost. Yes, that sucks. But whatever training regime he had between Rodriguez and Stevenson, he should continue with — it’s working. Had he pulled on Rodriguez the moves he had with Stevenson, Rodriguez would’ve gone down even sooner. For the first time, Top Dog shone like a champion — the defense, the tight offense, and the strategy — far from being “finished”, Top Dog should regroup, continue training like he did for Stevenson, and set his eyes on the real prize: Kovalev.

In Top Dog’s  previous fight on April 30, 2016, he defused Edwin “La Bomba” Rodriguez in a mere 2 rounds. Watch the fight here on youtube from LyricsFo Days.  We don’t call him Top Dog for no reason.

Want to see more Top Dog action? Watch Top Dog’s fights in our videos section or read up on him in our Articles section. Want to speak your mind about Top Dog’s awesomeness? Comment below!

Current Top Dog Light Heavyweight Ranking (as of July 28, 2016):

WBC (World Boxing Council): 8

WBA (World Boxing Association): —

IBF (International Boxing Federation): —

WBO (World Boxing Organization): —

IBO (International Boxing Organization): 9

FightNews: 12


Photo credit: Flickr user Generation Bass


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