We’re just a couple of boxing fans. And we like Thomas “Top Dog” Williams, Jr. Sometimes we go to see boxing matches, sometimes we watch them on TV, and sometimes we miss them completely. We ourselves are not boxers or associated with the sport in any legitimate way.

We are not legally qualified to offer any advice on anything regarding boxing or Thomas “Top Dog” Williams, Jr. We are simply sharing what we have found from around the Internet and our own personal observations from watching boxing matches, interviews, and participating in life, in general. It is our viewpoint and what we believe to be true.

So, you gotta ask yourself, are you sure you seriously want to believe what some random people on the Internet are telling you about someone else (i.e., Thomas “Top Dog” Williams, Jr.)? If you read something here, choose to apply it or take an action based on it, and it sucks or doesn’t work out, it’s not our fault. If you make a comment and we offer advice or thoughts on it, and it doesn’t work out so great, it’s not our fault. It’s your fault for trusting people you don’t even know.

Be smart. Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. And back off our cheese, man.